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Available Tabs

New Big Partial Capo Tab Package

14 tabs, PDF and Guitar pro6


The file format is PDF and guitar pro6 packed to a 15 Mb zip file. Please note that in order to play these tabs you will need a partial capo (e.g the Shubb C7 or Shubb C7B capo, see picture). You will need to purchase the capo from a local dealer or online store. The "partial capo" Tab Package includes these tabs:

在这个15Mb 的压缩包里,将包括以下曲目。每首曲子都分别有一份PDF格式曲谱和一份Guitar pro 6格式曲谱。在演奏这些曲子时,您将会用到一个只夹部分琴弦的特殊变调夹(比如Shubb C7 Shubb C7B,如图所示)。您可以在当地琴行或者网上购买。感谢您的支持。



"You better not think about me" "你就不要想起我" ()
"What I miss" "我怀念的" ()
"Blank Space" "空白格" ()
"Everybody is Beautiful",
"Behind The Clouds"
"Cheap Hotel",
"Little Mister",
"Dreaming of You",
"Goodbye and Farewell",
"Back to You",
"Until the candle goes out",

"Crazy Rockin' Hearts",
"Sounds Of Freedom"

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